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Leonora Hennessy: "The Horizon Bringeth...", Installation at The Project Room, Glasgow, 2004

"The Horizon Bringeth... and the Horizon Taketh Away", 2005

Installation at The Project Room, Glasgow, Scotland.

Mixed media, including 1 mile (1.6km) of cable for military trench phones, military aerials, ladder and over-head projector.







Leonora Hennessy: "Brigid Remains, V5.0", mixed media installation at National Center for


"Brigid Remains V 5.0" 2004

Installation at the National Centre for the Arts, Mexico City

Installation and wall drawing made of 9 military aerials, attached to the floor and extended to the wall to make the drawing.

Dimensions: Approx 12 feet at it's widest (3.5m).


Leonora Hennessy: Brigid Remains V 5.0", installation in Mexico city

Detail of "Brigid Remains V 5.0"






Leonora Hennessy: "Untitled (aerials)", sculpture installaed at G126 in Galway, Ireland.

"Untitled (Aerials)" 2008

The sculpture body is made of four military vehicle aerials and the corner panel is made of black paper tape.

Dimensions: the main sculpture is 4 foot high (125cm), the panel is 16" wide (40cm).